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the most Exclusive Community for Lovers of Italy Worldwide
Join the Italian Ambassadors,
the most exclusive community for lovers of Italy worldwide
The Italian Ambassadors is the most EXCLUSIVE international Community in 
the world dedicated to PROMOTING Italy, Italian culture and Italian products.
The Italian Ambassadors is the most EXCLUSIVE international Community in the world dedicated to PROMOTING Italy, Italian culture and Italian products.
What is the Italian Ambassadors Community?
It’s a place where people of all nationalities meet, united by a common love and passion for Italy.

A place where you will be able to hear the stories of others like yourself, from all over the world, share your experiences, or talk about art, culture and Italian traditions.

It is a global movement begun with the aim of showing the world the true Italy, with its unique products, incredible biodiversity and numerous UNESCO sites.

What do Italian Ambassadors get?
  • Certificate
  • Official badge
  • Access to the exclusive Italian Ambassador Community
  • A Digital Badge in 3 different formats for your website or social media accounts
  • ​Free shipping
  1 reservation from the private area within the portal, of a trip or a tour for you or for a person dear to you, at highly confidential prices.
How do you become an Italian Ambassador?
How do you become an Italian Ambassador?
The role of Italian Ambassador is an incredibly important way to represent Italy across the world, and membership of the Community is by application only. Fill out the form to find out if you have what it takes to become one.
It usually takes about 24 hours for us to screen an application and send the candidate an email informing them of the outcome. The fee of €67 includes annual membership. This fee may only be paid if your application is successful.
“In the past, people were born noble. 
Nowadays, nobility is born of your actions
Gianni Versace
“In the past, people were born noble. Nowadays, nobility is born of your actions”
Gianni Versace
Italian Ambassadors are:
Italian Ambassadors are:
People who, through their hard work, contribute or have contributed towards maintaining the great reputation of Italy throughout the world.
Italian men and women, who over the years have worked to preserve and pass on tradition, the legacy of our culture.
People who love Italy, not necessarily Italians, who try hard through their everyday lives to spread the word about its beauty and culture.

Entrepreneurs, chefs or professionals who take pride in promoting real Italian authenticity, helping to keep standards high in their particular fields.
Guido Pipola
"I’ve lived in the USA for 5 years, where I work at the University of Michigan. This Community has allowed me to connect with other Italians who, like me, live abroad, but also with so many fans of Italy all over the world".
Leila Oliveira Fernandes
"My grandmother was Italian and she taught me loads of things, like how to prepare Bolognese sauce. It’s still the best dish I make for any special occasion. I’m Brazilian but I feel half Italian, so for me it’s an honour to be part of this community.”
Leticia J. Wilkerson
“I've always had a special bond with Italy. I go whenever I can, and whenever I come home to London again afterwards, I feel so down. For me, becoming an Italian Ambassador made me really proud, I always wear my badge.”
Steffen Saenger
"I’m from Berlin, and my first trip to Italy was 8 years ago. That was when I met Alberto, a top chef in Rome, who taught me a love of cooking. Now I’m a chef too - I have an Italian restaurant and everyday I bring a little bit of Italy to Germany.”.
Join the most Exclusive Community in the World for Lovers of Italy
Join the most exclusive Community 
in the world for lovers of Italy
Italian Ambassador is the most exclusive community of Lovers of Italy in the World.